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CERN Linux Survival Kit training course

We do provide an online training course for those who need it, you can find it on our Training catalogue.

This online course covers various aspects:

  • Installation
  • CERN Linux distributions
  • Using LOCMAP at CERN
  • Building Software for Linux
  • How to access/administrate AFS files
  • How to access/administrate EOS files
  • How to access CVMFS
  • Why we don't update CentOS package
  • How to open a support case in a good way
  • CERN tools
  • RHEL at CERN and licensing
  • How to use journalctl and new systemd tools
  • How to use systemd for daily tasks


Please note that this is NOT a Linux System Administration course.

Format: Online: theory & hands-on

Target Audience: Personnel who are running services in the CERN Data Center interested in the operating systems supported at CERN

Objectives: To provide a set of recipes commonly needed by people managing Linux systems outside the computer centre


Course Price (CHF): 0

Number of Hours: 4

Competencies: Compute systems

Additional Requirements:

Ideally, you should have completed some of the following trainings available on UDEMY: