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April news


Updated cloud / docker images available for SLC5/6 and CC7

Updated SLC5/6 and CC7 cloud and docker TEST images have been made available.

Cloud images:

CC7 - x86_64 [2017-04-06]
SLC6 - x86_64 [2017-04-06]
SLC6 - i686 [2017-04-06]
SLC5 - x86_64 [2017-04-06]
SLC5 - i686 [2017-04-06]

available at or from command line:

# openstack image list | grep 2017-04-06

Docker images:

cc7-base:20170406 (:latest)
slc6-base:20170406 (:latest)
slc5-base:20170406 (:latest)

available at:

or from command line:

# docker pull # docker pull # docker pull

(above docker images are also available from

Jaroslaw Polok for