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June news


Scientific Linux CERN 6.10 TEST available.

Dear CERN Linux users.

We have a pleasure to announce that:

TEST version of SLC 6.10 for i386/x86_64

is available as of today.

  • What is Scientific Linux CERN 6 ?

    It is a CERN customized Linux distribution built on top of common base platform - Scientific Linux - which was in turn built from freely available Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 Server sources by a joint Fermi and CERN effort.

  • What is Scientific Linux CERN 6.10 (SLC610) TEST ?

  • TEST minor release of SLC6X series with all the updates (up to 21.06.2018) integrated in the base installation tree.

  • Installation

  • via PXE network boot menu (

  • non-PXE installation:

Boot media can be found at:

and corresponding installation paths are:

  • Automated PXE installations using AIMS2

Boot targets are:

SLC610_I386 SLC610_X86_64

Please note:

  • SLC610 will become the default SLC6 production version as of:

                Monday 02.07.2018

    providing that no show-stopper problems are found.

  • SLC610 (yum) updates will be released to production on:

                Monday 02.07.2018

    and can be tested before that date by running as root:

    # yum --enablerepo=slc6-testing update

  • Certification of the SLC610:

  • as there are no other changes than these listed above a formal certification process does not need to be handled for this minor release.

  • Problem reporting:

Please report problems to

Jarosław Polok for


RHEL 6.10 - Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 Server Update 10 available

Dear Linux users.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 Server Update 10 for i386/x86_64 platforms is available for installation at CERN, starting today.

AIMS2 PXE boot targets are as follows:


installation paths are:

Interactive network installations are possible from the 'Red Hat Enterprise Linux' PXE boot menu.

Please note that Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server is a licensed product installable only on authorized systems. Therefore before you install your system please request a license assignment from linux support.

After installation, please do not forget to setup your system for updates:

Jarosław Polok for