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March news


RHEL 6.8 - Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 Server Update 9 available

Dear Linux users.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 Server Update 9 for i386/x86_64 platforms is available for installation at CERN, starting today.

AIMS2 PXE boot targets are as follows:


installation paths are:

Interactive network installations are possible from the 'Red Hat Enterprise Linux' PXE boot menu.

Please note that Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server is a licensed product installable only on authorized systems. Therefore before you install your system please request a license assignment from linux support.

After installation, please do not forget to setup your system for updates:

Jarosław Polok for


Updated TEST cloud / docker images available for SLC5/6 and CC7

Updated SLC5/6 and CC7 cloud and docker TEST images have been made available.

Cloud images:

CC7 TEST - x86_64 [2017-03-01]
SLC6 TEST - x86_64 [2017-03-01]
SLC6 TEST - i686 [2017-03-01]
SLC5 TEST - x86_64 [2017-03-01]
SLC5 TEST - i686 [2017-03-01]

available at or from command line:

# openstack image list | grep 2017-03-01

Docker images:


available at:

or from command line:

# docker pull # docker pull # docker pull

(above docker images are also available from

On Monday 06 March 2017 above images will replace current production releases ( Cloud: SLC5/6 - [2017-01-24], CC7 - [2017-02-08], Docker: - :latest).

Jaroslaw Polok for