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Software Collections 1.2 and Developer Toolset 3.0 for Scientific Linux CERN 6

Dear Linux Users,

CERN Software Collections and Developer Toolset are offerings for developers on the Scientific Linux CERN 6 platform.

Using a framework called Software Collections, an additional set of tools is installed into the /opt directory, as recommended by the UNIX Filesystem Hierarchy Standard.

These tools are enabled by the user on demand using the supplied scl utility.

CERN Software Collections 1.2 provides following tools:

Developer Toolset version 3.0, including:
gcc/g++/gfortran - GNU Compiler Collection - version 4.9.1
gdb - GNU Debugger - version 7.8
[ ... and more tools, please see link at the bottom ]

DevAssistant version 0.9 - A tool which helps with
creating and setting up basic projects in various languages.

Git version 1.94 - Fast Version Control System

Httpd version 2.4.6 - Apache HTTP Server

Maven version 3.0.5 - Java project management and
project comprehension tool

Mongodb version 2.4.9 - High-performance, schema-free
document-oriented database

Nginx version 1.6.1 -  A high performance web server
and reverse proxy server

Php version 5.5.6 - Scripting language for creating
dynamic web sites

Ruby version 2.0.0 - An interpreter of object-oriented
scripting language

Ruby on Rails version 4.0

Thermostat version 1.0.4 - A monitoring and serviceability
tool for OpenJDK

Please note that products released in the past as part of:

remain available for installation.

For more information and installation instructions, please visit: