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June news


CentOS 8.2 testing available and change of production schedule

Dear Linux users,

We are pleased to announce that the updated CentOS 8 version:

    C 8.2 is available for testing
       as of Tuesday 2020-06-17

and will become the default C8 production version on:

        Wednesday 2020-06-24.

The list of updated packages can be found here:

<a href=""></a>

For information about C8, including installation instructions please visit:

    <a href=""></a>

In addition, we'd like to announce a change in the schedule for CentOS 8 production repositories.

The previous schedule for moving CentOS 8 repositories to production was that every Wednesday, the previous Tuesday's snapshot becomes the new production version. This means new packages make it to production quickly, but the downside is that any package released on a Tuesday only spends one day in testing and the next day goes into production. As we move towards more services running on CentOS 8, we felt this schedule was no longer appropriate.

Starting today, the new schedule will be that every Wednesday, we move the previous Wednesday's snapshot into production. This guarantees that all upgrades will spend at least a week in testing, and at most 13 days. We will still be able to speed this up in case of emergency updates.

Please contact Linux Support should you have any concerns about this new schedule.

Best regards, Alex Iribarren for