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AlmaLinux 9 - Install instructions

The following methods are currently available to install AlmaLinux 9

  • AIMS interactive - select the menu item Install AlmaLinux 9 (ALMA9) x86_64 or Install AlmaLinux 9 (ALMA9) aarch64
  • AIMS host registration - define your host to use the ALMA9_X86_64 or ALMA9_AARCH64
  • OpenStack VM - boot from the image ALMA9 - x86_64
  • ai-bs puppet managed VM - use ai-bs --alma9
  • docker image - use docker pull
  • Boot ISO: x86_64 boot.iso or aarch64 boot.iso
  • Minimal ISO: x86_64 minimal.iso aarch64 minimal.iso

Installations from ISOs

When installing from an ISO image, you will need to manually add the CERN repos. From the "Installation Summary" screen, click on "Installation Source" and add an additional repository called CERN with the URL: (or, depending on your architecture)

For a detailed installation of a Linux Desktop, check the step by step guide