LXCERT meeting 07/02/2006
  • SLC5 delay impact - discussion, new plan.
  • SLC4 certification status
  • SLC4 roll-out planning
  • SLC3 support lifetimes
RHEL5 delay
  • RHEL5: “we do not expect a release before the end of 2006”
  • Recap: LXCERT deadline was October 2006 for “LHC” release (mostly driven by *-online groups, but *-offline probably doesn't want gcc-4 either by then (?))
  • SLC5 isn't going to happen before 1Q2007
  • SLC5 isn't going to be the “LHC startup release” ?
(From Oct. meeting) Latest rumors:
    • RHEL5 may come out “late” (4Q2006),
    • >> 18months after RHEL3 (Sep 2003).
    • (some sources: up to 27 months, tied to slower
    • (9months) FedoraCore release cycle?)
    • review “lockdown” timeline?
    • review stability requirements per environment
    • proposal: certify anyway, but carefully plan deployment.
    • (impact on # of concurrent distributions -> Linux support)
  • Assume: will have lots of SLC4 production systems in 2007
    • No reason to wait for SLC5
    • Can roll out SLC4 on all services  plan
    • Need to involve GDB for Grid-wide roll-out coordination
  • SLC4 becomes less urgent, but more important:
    • Already slippage: “end of 2005”  “end of January 06”  “after RHEL4U3”
    • IT isn't the only one being late with SLC4 –
      • 0 (zero) pressure from experiments until now...
    • But: will need to work. SLC4 would be the LHC release
      • No “second chance” to get it right..
Alternative: stick to SLC5 plan?
  • Stick to original plan, or certify a beta?
    • Would have a few online farms on SLC4, rest on SLC5
    • Unrealistic! SLC5 too close to LHC startup
    • Little to be gained If SLC4 is around as well (have 2.6 kernel, don't foresee immediate requests for Xen)
  • But: SLC5 will come anyway (newer hardware support etc)
    • May get used behind the scenes on hidden services
    • May get used on individual laptops/desktops
    • Some services will/may try to skip SLC4
    • But can discuss release/certification schedules later..
SLC4 status – IT view
  • Have:
    • “onlycern” repository (JDK, ORACLE Instantclient)
    • Kerberos 5 configuration
    • Most of IT tools “work_for_us” (even if not fully certified)
    • But: most tests done only on i386
  • Still need:
    • Kerberos 5 + OpenSSH (“getting rid of Heimdal”)
    • Formal CASTOR release
    • Lots of pending updates (U3 in beta)
    • 64bit architectures need more tests
    • Instantclient not used everywhere yet
SLC4 changes(IT)
  • Update system goes from apt to yum on all architectures
      • Apt(-rpm) is dead (0..1 active developers, no distribution)
      • Yum is the future (Fedora, integrated with Red Hat tools)
      • GUI: yumex (still “improving”)
  • Kernel updates are now fully integrated, treated as any other update by default
      • too many “old” kernels otherwise
      • Can turn off / configure
  • Other changes as announced.
      • But nothing on the “physics” packages integration (yet?)
SLC4 status – rest of you?
  • LCG: ported to SLC3/gcc-3.4, need recompile?
  • Experiments: waiting for dependencies?
  • EGEE/ETICS – just setting up build servers...
  • “low priority” for everybody until now?
    • This ought to change...
SLC4 plan (proposals)
  • Suggest to
  • wait for RHEL4 U3 release (~ 2 weeks)
    • +recompilation / integration: ~mid-march.
      • Will experiment code be ready by then?
  • Certification deadline: end of march (2006).
  • hand over roll-out planning & coordination to GDB (next meeting: tomorrow), discuss at HEPiX
  • expect: public production services (PLUS/BATCH) on SLC4 in ~October
Lifetime for SLC3
  • Propose:
    • ia64 SLC3 support: end December 2006:
      • Affects CERN-IT only, experiments: “we don't care” 
    • x86_64 SLC3 support: end December 2006
      • Avoid widespread migration to SLC3 on 64bit HW,
      • currently <15 machines (per apt/yum statistics)
    • i386 SLC3 support: still end October 2007
      • (in line with Fermi plans for SL, see SL roadmap )