LXCERT meeting Oct 04 2005

  • status of the "compiler" certification: (Alberto/Andreas)
    • gcc version issue
    • status of major packages
  • proposed changes for SLC4 (Jan/Jarek)
  • planning (all)
  • AOB

SLC4 – announced changes

  • migration to the 2.6 kernel series
    • general package update, including gcc-3.4.3, GNOME-2.8, KDE-3.3.1, xorg-x11-6.8.2
    • Full Kerberos5-aware environment. By default, users should obtain (forwardable?) Kerberos5 credentials on login
    • integration of several "physics" packages into the default distribution, including ROOT, GEANT4, CERNLIB-2005
    • But: no changes from your side?

    SLC4 – upstream changes:

      • SELinux – please use it!
      • ACPI support (but no suspend-to-disk)
      • NPTL threads by default, LinuxThreads deprecated (LD_ASSUME_KERNEL etc)
      • rawio deprecated (O_DIRECT instead)
      • ALSA is default sound system
      • no more kernel-source package (review dependencies!)
      • evolution-2 (X509 certificate support)

    Latest rumors:

      • RHEL5 may come out “late” (4Q2006),
      • >> 18months after RHEL3 (Sep 2003).
      • (some sources: up to 27 months, tied to slower
      • (9months) FedoraCore release cycle?)
      • review “lockdown” timeline?
      • review stability requirements per environment
      • proposal: certify anyway, but carefully plan deployment.
      • (impact on # of concurrent distributions -> Linux support)