Timeline 1

Post-7.3 Timeline

  • July 2003: decision: certify Red Hat 10 beta, goal: November
  • Sept 2003: RH strategy change (Fedora/Enterprise)
  • Oct 2003:
    • LXCERT: continue with 10beta=Fedora
    • LXCERT: on hold
    • HEPiX: negotiate wih RH
  • Feb 2004: negotiations stopped, CEL3
  • Mar 2004: LXCERT meeting, “real” certification starts

Timeline cont.

  • May 2004: LXCERT meeting (still no end date, “experiments need 1 month after full Application Area SW is available”, summer period worries)
  • June 2004: CEL3 -> SLC3, no real impact on certification
  • July 2004: LXCERT meeting (still no fixed end date, “end of September” target)
  • July 2004: LXPLUS test nodes available
  • Aug->October: POOL issue
    • Summer period: (some) production managers not available
  • Nov 1st 2004: SLC3 certified
  • Jan 17th 2005: LXPLUS migrated


  • [non-issue]: Looong delay (negotiations) before real start (6months) – but: allowed OS to settle
  • Summer period: absences, conflict with DataChallenges, beam time. Avoid? (unrealistic for roll-out in autumn)
  • POOL issue took too long to emerge+address, was blocking whole production chain: need to 'certify around' identified issues
  • [non-issue]: LXPLUS migration: delayed by HW unavailability
  • [non-issue]: non-LHC not reacting (their problem, but influences 7.3 phase-out timeline)