The Good News

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The Good News

  • OCCI client for gcc 3.2.3 now available (10g)

    • Officially supported on RedHat Linux AS 3.0 & Suse Linux ES 8.0
    • ‘Tried’ with LCG Conditions DB Application on RH7
  • Oracle now has procedure in place to rebuild client libraries rapidly

    • This is not a guarantee that it will happen automatically…
  • Oracle 10g ‘Instant Client’ RPM kits – currently runtime only - will be extended to include ‘client developer’ kit

    • Will be made available in EXPORT area in CERN /afs tree
    • Also from OTN (not recommended)
  • Extensive testing of 10g clients with 9i servers still to be done

    • However, this is supported and not expected to be an issue