Red Hat & CERN negotiations summary

  • Timeline
  • Current status


  • Last LXCERT meeting 03.10.03: continue to look at Red Hat (Enterprise or Fedora, make it acceptable for small labs)
  • 10.10.03: talked to RH, "academic pricing" and support, stopped looking at Fedora
  • 16.10. RH pulled academic pricing
  • 29.10. HEPiX: invited RH, but no real offers and no real talks
    • outcome: negotiate with RH, find HEP-acceptable solutions, small labs give “mandate” to larger ones.
  • Nov: original CERN deadline

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  • Nov+Dec+Jan: various attempts to get through to RH ("Make us an offer along these lines").
    • Major sticking point: price, support/distribution not discussed
    • SLAC concentrates on DOE deal (without taking CERN into account)
    • Fermi builds recompiled LTS3
  • end of January: extended CERN deadline, no real offer yet from RH.

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  • 10.02.04: IT decision to go to recompiled version, based on costs (manpower vs. then RH offer).
    • Announced to be freely available,
    • some outside institutes are happy, other rather want RHE
  • Friday 13.02. pressure from SLAC brings price down, but no support yet
  • Frig 20.02. first idea of support and TAM announced from RH
  • Frig 27.02. phone conference with good results: price break, support for RH binaries, TAM, redistributable but only with access control.
  • 27.02: Fermi announces HEPL (de-FERMIzed version of LTS3), ask for collaboration


    • CERN will buy RHE-3-WS for ~200 nodes with support and TAM,
    • Will (continue to) buy RHE-ES for servers like ORACLE (cheap -> Alan).
    • CERN main distribution will be CEL3 (but some binaries may come from FERMI), freely available
      • SLAC will run RHE (modified and supported) for one year, no long-term commitment
      • FERMI has LTS3 released and would like to collaborate.