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Printing at CERN

Printing at CERN for Linux Systems

Documentation on this page is intended to be used on CERN-supported Linux versions.

If you are using other Linux version, please look here.


CERN's Print Service provides print spooling through a set of print servers. Access to the print servers is made through the LPD protocol. Files to be printed have to be already encoded in a page description language (notably PostScript), or may be simple text files. Conversion to PostScript / PCL must be done on the client side.

System Configuration

If not already installed, please install on your system the lpadmincern package, as root:

on SLC6:

# yum install lpadmincern

To list available printers in building XX run:

# /usr/sbin/lpadmincern --list --building XX
To install all printers available in building XX run as root:
# /usr/sbin/lpadmincern --add --building XX
To set the system-wide default printer to XX-YY-ZZ run as root:
# /usr/sbin/lpadmincern --default XX-YY-ZZ
For more information about lpadmincern, please see:
man lpadmincern
# /usr/sbin/lpadmincern --help
on your system.

After installing your printer(s) with lpadmincern, you may fine-tune their configuration (default duplex / color / resolution / paper tray / etc...) by using:

# /usr/sbin/system-config-printer

User Specific Configuration

Printer configuration performed according to instructions above becomes system-wide for all users of given system. In addition to this it is possible to change/override some printer settings for each user account modifying:

For example adding line:

Default XX-YY-ZZ
in that file will override the system-wide default printer by a user specified one: XX-YY-ZZ.

To see currently set options for installed printer XX-YY-ZZ, use:

# /usr/bin/lpoptions -p XX-YY-ZZ
To see all allowable options for installed printer XX-YY-ZZ, use:
# /usr/bin/lpoptions -p XX-YY-ZZ -l
For more information see:
man lpoptions
on your system.