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Access Windows Terminal Services

Using CERN Windows Terminal Services on Scientific Linux CERN


tsclient and rdesktop packages are most likely already installed on your system and should be updated automatically.
If this is not the case, you can install them manually (as root):
On SLC6, SLC5 and SLC4:

  • /usr/bin/yum install tsclient rdesktop

Command line tool: Remote Desktop (rdesktop)

Example command line to connect to CERN WTS is as follows:

rdesktop  -a 16 -u NICElogin -d CERN -g 800x600

Above command will open connection to with screen resolution of 800x600 pixels, 16bit color depth (highly recommended, visible artifacts otherwise) and preset your login name to NICElogin, login domain to CERN. For more options see man rdesktop.
(Please note that the SLC rdesktop clients will use RDP v5 protocol by default)

Graphical user interface: Terminal Server Client (tsclient)

Start Terminal Server Client by selecting it from G/K Menu -> Internet -> Terminal Server Client or typing tsclient on command line.
When interface starts supply following data in 'General' tab:
Protocol: RDPv5
User name: NICE login
Password: NICE password
Domain: CERN
In 'Display' tab adjust your settings:
Screen Size: 800x600 (or more)
Color Depth: High Color (16 bit)
Clicking on 'Connect' will bring you to Windows Terminal Server login screen.
After NICE login sequence completes you will be able to use installed (subset of) MS Windows applications.


In case of problems please report to