How to read the CERN RSS feeds from Linux

We will use the 'web discussion forum' as an example for various RSS readers.


Firefox has an incorporated RSS reader, via the so-called "Live Bookmarks" feature (you can read more about this at MozillaZine).

In order to add a Live Bookmark for, visit, click on "RSS Feed" and log in via your CERN (or "external") account.

rss in firefox Firefox will open a page inviting to subscribe to the Live Bookmark feed. Click on Subscribe Now to subscribe.
rss in firefox 2 and allow to select on which bookmark bar the feed will be displayed. Click on Subscribe to finalize subscription.
rss in firefox 3 RSS feed access is available from the bookmark bar.


Thunderbird can be used to view RSS feeds within mail folders interface.
rss in thunderbird Add new account (Edit -> Account Settings)
rss in thunderbird1 Select Blogs & News Feeds account type, click Next.
rss in thunderbird2 Type in Account Name, click Next.
rss in thunderbird3 Click Finish to finalize account adding.
rss in thunderbird4 Click Manage Subscriptions to add RSS Feed(s).
rss in thunderbird5 Click Add to add new RSS Feed.
rss in thunderbird6 Type in Feed URL and click OK.
Note: For Use a web browser to open the web page: Right-click on the "RSS Feed" link at the left, select "Copy Link location". (The link will look somewhat like Paste this into the Feed URL field in the Thunderbird dialogue and click "OK".
rss in thunderbird7 Enter your CERN login id as User Name
Your CERN password as Password
optionally check the Use Password Manager to remember this password checkbox,
then click OK.
rss in thunderbird8 Note: This dialog box is missing OK/Cancel controls ... Use window manager 'close window' control (usually a small cross in top bar) to dismiss it.
rss in thunderbird10 Your RSS feed is accessible from main Thunderbird window.