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Reconfiguring Nautilus .. to make it a more useable file manager

Nautilus file manager reconfiguration.

The default configuration of the Nautilus File Manager makes browsing multiple folders with deep file system hierarchies a little bit impractical, and sometimes slow - especially for files stored on AFS. Please follow the configuration steps described below to optimize its setup.

Open Nautilus window by clicking Places -> Home Folder, the default view of your Home Folder will show.

Select Edit -> Preferences.

In Views pane:
Select View new folders to be using List View,
check Use compact layout,
check Text beside icons and
select Default zoom level to be 50%.
In Behavior pane:
Check Always open in browser window.
In Preview pane:
Select Never for all file previews.

Note: Nautilus considers files on AFS as Local files, so if previews are enabled browsing your home folder on AFS will be extremely slow.

Close ALL nautilus windows for the reconfiguration to take effect.
Once reconfigured a much more functional Nautilus layout will be presented.