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CentOS Stream 8 / CentOS Linux 8 - Install instructions

The following methods are currently available to install CentOS Stream 8 / CentOS Linux 8

  • AIMS interactive - select the menu item Install CentOS Stream 8 (CS8) 64-bit system or Install CentOS 8 Linux (C8) 64-bit system
  • AIMS host registration - define your host to use the CS8_X64_64 (Stream) or C8_X86_64 (Linux) target
  • OpenStack VM - boot from the image CS8 - x86_64 [YYYY-MM-DD (Stream) or C8 - x86_64 [YYYY-MM-DD] (linux)
  • ai-bs puppet managed VM - use ai-bs --cs8 or ai-bs --c8
  • docker image - use docker pull (Stream) or docker pull (Linux)

For a detailed installation of a Linux Desktop, check the step by step guide