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MRG (Messaging Realtime Grid) @ CERN

MRG - Messaging Realtime Grid packages are provided here for TEST PURPOSE ONLY. These packages can be installed on top of an existing SLC5 ior SLC6 i386/x86_64 installation.

(information about MRG (Messaging Realtime Grid) on Red Hat site)

Please note that ONLY support we provide for MRG packages is related to installation / packaging problems. This product is provided AS-IS - without support.

For everything else, please read the documentation.


MRG 2.3 documentation - local copy

Full MRG documentation on Red Hat site

The MRG documentation can be found here.


Download repository configuration file:

To install the Realtime component of MRG run:

yum groupinstall 'MRG Realtime'
Note: Realtime kernel is available ONLY for x86_64 arch

To install the Messaging component of MRG run:

yum groupinstall 'MRG Messaging'

To install the Grid component of MRG run:

yum groupinstall 'MRG Grid'
To install the Management component of MRG run:

yum groupinstall 'MRG Management'

SLC5 Installation troubleshooting

Note:If (and ONLY if) you encounter a xerces-c dependency related problem during the installation of the Messaging MRG component, please proceed as follows:

Disable 'slc5-extras' for installation, adding this option:

to above mentioned yum command invocations.

After the installation, please add xerces-c packages to exclusion list for updates, editing /etc/yum/pluginconf.d/versionlock.list

Note: xerces-c installation time problem is due to a packaging requirements conflict between 'slc5-mrg' repository and 'slc5-extras' repository (providing different versions of xerces-c packages) This workaround will prevent xerces-c packages to be ever updated on your system: It may also require adjusting the exact version of these packages manually if these are updated.

Note: You will not be able to install or use shibboleth (web single sign-on) packages in this configuration.