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Legacy workaround

Use this workaround ONLY for systems which cannot boot using standard configuration, as of Feb 2016 this concerns following types of network cards: Mellanox Connect X-2, Chelsio T520-LL-CR, QLogic cLOM8215

Enable PXE workaround

Make sure your aims2 client version is at least 2.11.

Add affected system to AIMS2:

# aims2 addhost HOSTNAME

Enable PXE workaround:

# aims2 pxelgcyon HOSTNAME

Optional: Set PXE boot target:

# aims2 pxeon HOSTNAME TARGET

Wait until AIMS2 reloads dnsmasq configuration, this takes up to 30s.

# aims2 showhost HOSTNAME -all

Hostname:           HOSTNAME


PXE status:         OFF

PXE boot options:   none

PXE boot type:      BIOS

PXE boot target:    none

PXE noexpiry:       N

PXE boot legacy:    Y

Registered by:      jpolok

Registered at:      2016/02/29 07:48:28

Enabled at:         ????/??/?? ??:??:??

Booted at:          ????/??/?? ??:??:??

Disabled at:        ????/??/?? ??:??:??

## Enable PXE workaround - alternative syntax

# aims2 addhost --bios --lgcy --hostname HOSTNAME --name TARGET --kickstart=KSFILE [ --kopts=KSOPTS ]

Enable PXE workaround - ai-installhost

For systems installed using ai-installhost please add --mode bioslgcy flag to the command (this is temporary until ai-installhost will be able to autodetect affected hardware):

# ai-installhost --mode bioslgcy ...

Disable PXE workaround

The PXE workaround stays active until one of the following commands is issued:

# aims2 pxelgcyoff HOSTNAME

# aims2 pxeon HOSTNAME TARGET uefi

# aims2 delhost HOSTNAME

# aims2 addhost HOSTNAME

Installing the system or using # aims2 pxeoff HOSTNAME does NOT disable the workaround.