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Pidgin integration with Mattermost (CC7)

Pidgin integration with Mattermost for Instant Messaging on CERN CentOS 7 (CC7)

CERN uses Mattermost persistent chat, which can be accessed directly at

This documentation outlines the setup process allowing to use other Linux clients to exchange messages on Mattermost.

Software installation

As root on your CERN CentOS 7 system run:
# yum install mattermost-desktop
in order to install mattermost desktop client, or run:
# yum --enablerepo=cern-testing install pidgin pidgin-mattermost pidgin-mattermost-sso-helper

in order to install pidgin - mattermost integration.

Configuration of Pidgin Mattermost plugin

Obtain Gitlab authentication token:
# pidgin-mattermost-sso-helper
Add new account: Accounts -> Manage Accounts -> Add
  • Protocol: Mattermost
  • Username: cernlogin
  • Server:
  • Password: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX (Gitlab authentication token)
  • Local alias: (leave empty)
In Advanced Tab, check the checkbox:
  • Password is Gitlab cookie

Note: Gitlab cookie expires after a server-defined time (few days usually) when this happens Pidgin 'password' for the account needs to be changed using above procedure.

For more information about Pidgin Mattermost plugin please visit: