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Using Canon 'SecurePrint' on Linux

Most Canon multifunction printers installed on CERN site do support 'SecurePrint' feature: a document is sent to printer, where one needs to confirm the printout by specifying a passcode (PIN).

Software installation

As root on your CC7 or SLC6 system run:
# yum install lpadmincern
(it may already be preinstalled on your system: please make sure that the version is at least: 1.3.8-1) once installation of required software packages finishes, configure your printers using lpadmincern.


Most system tools (including Firefox / Thunderbird)

Select Print then choose one of Canon printers - XX-XXX-CAN
In Advanced tab
Enter your Secured Password as maximum 7 digits and click Print

Command line printing

  Use SecuredPassword option:
         lpr -P 31-2COR-CAN -o SecuredPassword=1234 yourfile.pdf

Note: It is not possible to use 'SecurePrint' directly in current version of LibreOffice, as workaround please first 'print to file' and print resulting file using above mentioned command line.